Wholesale fuel puts you in the drivers seat

For over 100 years, Coen Markets has provided reliable, trusted fueling solutions throughout the Tri-State area. Our company is built on honesty and integrity, and we’re dedicated to helping our partners grow their businesses and be successful. Our goal is to be the best fuel distributor while providing resources and support. Our company has longevity, as we are the oldest BP/Amoco jobber in the country, Celebrating 100 years in business in 2023. From opening a new business to rebranding your current business, we will provide you with the necessary tools and service for your needs.

Why become a dealer?

Here at Coen, you will benefit from an array of support from our team and trusted partners.

Environmental Services

Our team will assure you that your location is completely environmentally compliant. We will manage and consult with you each step of the process until completion.


To ensure that your store is up to date with the latest industry standards, Coen will make sure your team has the necessary skills to succeed and meet any challenges.

Feasibility Studies

For any NTI (New to Industry) location, we will assist in having feasibility studies completed at your desired location and ensure that it’s an area where you can be successful.

Fuel Management

The main essential of the business is fuel and we will manage it to ensure you’re able to meet your customers’ demands throughout the year.

Operational Plan Creation

Having a plan is key to the success of any business, Coen has decades of experience in this business and will customize a formula that fits your business model.

IT Consulting

Modern business needs reliable technology and internet connection to operate. We have IT support to assist you remotely or in-person to assess any issues that may arise.

Design & Construction Consulting

Building in this industry has become a necessity. This process is both exciting and scary, however Coen has built several NTIs, and we have the capability to apply our knowledge to your design and construction.

Maintenance Support

Malfunctions and “Wear and Tear” on equipment can cost you business. We have a team ready to provide the support that is needed to keep your business running smoothly.

Ready to distribute success?

Coen Markets has a dealership network within 3 states. Whether you’re in Pennsylvania, Ohio or West Virginia, Coen Markets has the marketing, supplier, and skills to get your business off the ground. Coen Markets has a variety of programs in place for prospective dealers.

Coen Markets can provide you with:

  • Branded Credit Card Program
  • QSR Food Programs Available
  • Image Rebranding Assistance
  • Major Oil Company Advertising Assistance Possible
  • Fuel Inventory Management


Applying is the first step

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