A more rewarding experience

All Club Coen members receive special discounts both at the pump and in store everyday. Members earn points by fueling up outside, or picking up some favorites inside, and then use their points to get access to major savings.

*Tobacco, lottery, gift card & money orders do not earn rewards points.


How it works

The Club Coen program is easy to use and free to sign up. We know space on your phone is critical, but we'll prove we're worth it.


Download the Club Coen app and scan your app member ID or enter your loyalty ID (phone number) on the pin-pad for exclusive savings throughout the store.


Enjoy your favorites for free. Get credit for each drink purchase and car wash you make. Buy seven and get one free! Track your progress in the app.

Earn 10 points per gallon pumped, 20 points per dollar spent in-store, and 40 points per dollar spent on all food service products.


When you use the app, you’re eligible to redeem your points. Choose from a catalog of free food, free drinks, gas discounts, Coen cash, and more!

Earn points and get rewarded

Easy to Earn. Simple to Save. Get points on every dollar spent or gallon pumped, and turn those dollars into instant savings.

1 gallon of fuel



$1 spent in-store



$1 spent on prepared food items in-store



5¢ off per gallon
10¢ off per gallon
15¢ off per gallon
25¢ off per gallon
$5 Coen cash
$10 Coen cash

Save even more on fuel!

Coen Pay works like a debit card. Register for Coen Pay through the Coen App and receive an additional 17c off per gallon on every transaction. Coen Pay is safe, simple, and PIN-based to always protect your personal information

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Have some questions?

Download the app to sign up. No smartphone? No problem. You can SIGN UP online at coenmarkets.myguestaccount.com

Your ID is your 10-digit phone number linked to your account

To set up a virtual card, open the Coen app and click on “PAY $” then ‘Register Now’ at the bottom of the page.

If you’d like to use a physical Coen Pay card, pick up a card at any Coen Markets location. Then call ZipLine at 877-403-2222 or Coen Customer Service 833-217-8788, or REGISTER online at coenmarkets.myguestaccount.com.

Coen Pay works like a debit card. By helping save on credit card fees, you receive 17 cents off per gallon.

Club Coen offers 3 cents off per gallon. By signing up for Coen Pay, you save an additional 17 cents off per gallon. By paying directly from your bank account, Coen saves on credit card fees and passes those savings to you.

At the pump, enter your Loyalty ID (phone number) then insert your white Coen Pay card. To pay with your vitual card, open the app, click Mobile Pay then select Pay at the Pump or Pay Inside. You’ll be prompted to enter your 4-digit ID.

On the app, tap the bottom “rewards” icon, then tap “catalog”.

On every purchase, earn 10 points per gallon of fuel, 20 points on every dollar spent in-store, 40 points for every dollar spent on a prepared food item.

On the app, tap the bottom “rewards” icon. Your points will appear at the top of the screen. Or log into coenmarkets.myguestaccount.com.

In the Club Coen app, click on ‘Menu’ lower right hand corner, then on ‘Club Coen Profile’.

Log into our Member Portal at secure.paymentcard.com. Enter the same credentials for your Club Coen App.

Log into our Member Portal at secure.paymentcard.com. Enter the same credentials for your Club Coen App.

Download the BPme app. Register to save an additional 5¢ at the pump.

Enter loyalty ID first (phone number associated with the account) and then select Coen Pay.